Residual income is sometimes intertwined with the term “passive income” but they are basically the same. When you derive a residual income, via a residual income business opportunity, it basically means you receive payments ongoing after an initial sale in some shape or form. This passive income can have many variants. The term is almost synonymous with network marking but I don’t subscribe to that strict view. Additionally, “passive” could be interpreted as not having to do anything to receive payment, but as we know in life there’s no such thing as the “free lunch” per se which leads me to the bad news. You’re going to have to do some hard work! At least initially to set up your residual income business so that it is built on firm foundations and will grow strongly going forward.

And that’s it! That’s the bad news.

It’s a great feeling to come downstairs in the morning, turn on my computer and check to see how much residual income I’ve made overnight while sleeping in my comfortable bed. Well, I feel I’m entitled to it as the work I did previously to set up my residual income business opportunity has put me into a position of continuous benefit. When I say work I mean something I ENJOY and something OTHER PEOPLE will derive a BENEFIT from. It’s the classic “Win, Win” situation but to be more correct it’s a Win, Win, WIN situation (as you’ll see on other pages). Residual Income and How it Relates to You

How did I do this?

If you look at the navigation bar on the left you’ll see buttons, in descending order, that detail every step of how I believe you need to set up your own recurring residual business opportunity. If you start correctly and establish good foundations for your residual income business opportunity then everything you do from that point on will be a “breeze” as they say. Indeed, I’m only going to suggest to you strategies and ideas that have worked for me, i.e. that I have actually earned a check from and been able to bank the profits.

If I haven’t used it, then I won’t be recommending it.

There are also peripheral ideas, software and the like that I’ll suggest that will make a huge, and I mean HUGE difference to your success. They are not residual income tactics as such but blend into your success so smoothly that you’ll wonder how you would be able to achieve success without them, once you’ve tried them. You will be able to create your own little “golden nest egg” that will keep “laying” those beautiful income nuggets day after day, week after week and year after year. And if you do it right, increasing in size and velocity to boot! But the best part, as you’ll readily see, will be how you will be able to structure your residual income business opportunity around your life, your interests, hobbies, knowledge base, and desires and on and on. You’ll wonder where this has been all your life and you’ll get to know that special “This is it!” feeling.

Life on your terms!

It’ll be a great pleasure, as webmaster of this site, to know that I’ll be helping YOU to get your life back with your own residual income business opportunity.