Probably a hundred years ago, certain signs were used on the buildings to enhance its architecture or for the purpose of identification or decoration of the façade. These signs however, depending on the context of the sign or perhaps its quality as well, are considered to be the historic signs in this era. A question may rise that why do people want to preserve such historic signs as cultural artifacts? And then again, even if they are preserved, how can they be possibility used over and over again if the architecture is changing the ownership quite rapidly?

Let’s take an example of one of the most popular exterior business sign, the golden arches of McDonald’s. Being an international brand, the golden arches of McDonald’s is a kind of exterior business sign which is found nearly everywhere. However, the sign has evolved from 1953, the year when this sign appeared for the first time, to 1968, when someone finally introduced the current form of the sign. It is quite obvious that the golden arches of the McDonald’s are highly unlikely to be modified or altered in any way as the business changes ownership. This is therefore, an implication of the importance of historic signs preservation. As the business continues to be dominant over the period of time not only in a particular area but throughout the globe, the preservation of its exterior business sign is ensured.

Exterior Business Signs: Then and Now

There is no argument over the fact that exterior business signs have been in trend over a long period of time. Such exterior business sings are found exhibited at countless places over the centuries. However, painting an exterior business sign on the front of a building has been the most in trend. Think about it, have you not seen a number of exterior business signs painted in a horizontal position between the first and second floor of a building? Or probably one which was artistically painted in between the levels of the windows? An exterior business sign which is hanging, flat-mounted is not a rare site either. Among the example quoted above, the latter ones were one of the most convenient options to be used in the past since such exterior business signs are easily removed as soon as the building, architecture, or the business was sold to a new enterprise which would like to make the modifications or alterations as per its requirements. The plaque or oval signs such as ornate lettering is what can be considered as the indicator of the modern exterior business signs since they are easily removable or replaceable as per the requirements of the business owner.

However, it does not imply that such logos were used in the history alone. Due to the rapidly changing ownerships of the businesses and enterprises today, such exterior business signs are still in use with most of the modern day businesses due to the ease of modifications and alterations that it may provide.